Ca: Brampton teen's suicide tied to privacy law

Once again, a school believes that they cannot divulge a student’s mental health issues to the student’s parents. And once again, the results are disastrous for the student….

Robyn Doolittle reports in the Toronto Star:

Although the school was aware Nadia Kajouji had been suffering from depression, privacy laws prevented counsellors from contacting the girl’s parents earlier, Carleton University officials told a news conference yesterday.

Nadia’s family has been critical of the university for not telling them the teen had expressed suicidal thoughts and had been on antidepressants. The 18-year-old disappeared six weeks ago and only after she’d been gone three days did Mohamad Kajouji get a call from the school about his daughter’s mental state. She had been seeing a counsellor and campus doctor and had been prescribed Cipralex, an antidepressant.

A body, which police believe is the Brampton teen, was found in the Rideau River on Sunday.

Full story – Toronto Star

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