Sep 132017

Jenny Yuen reports:

A Cambridge woman is launching a $550-million class-action lawsuit against Equifax Canada after a massive cybersecurity breach may have compromised sensitive identity information of countless Canadians.

Read more on Toronto Sun.

  2 Responses to “Ca: Cambridge woman launches $550-million class-action lawsuit against Equifax Canada following privacy breach”

  1. What if someone had dual citizenship and is affected in both countries?

    Wife & kids in that situation. didn’t check American site for info yet. :/

    • Yikes. So double the worry/stress/risk? Of course, some of our courts don’t view increased statistical risk as conferring standing to sue, but I’m guessing Equifax is going to be settling suits left and right rather than try to fight some of these too vigorously, as the public is already ticked off and if they try to claim that they are not liable/responsible, the public may explode altogether.

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