Ca: Case of accused CBE teen hacker adjourned until August

Daryl Slade has an update on the case of the teenager accused of hacking the Calgary Board of Education:

The lawyer for a 15-year-old boy charged last month with allegedly hacking into Calgary Board of Education servers over a five-month period appeared in youth court on Thursday.

The teen, who was represented by lawyer Joel Chevrefils, allegedly used only a computer with Internet access to get into the school system’s files, according to police.

The case was adjourned until Aug. 28 in order for Crown prosecutor Nadine Nesbitt to obtain disclosure and turn it over to the defence.

The boy faces five criminal charges relating to impersonation and unlawful access to data and computer systems, which carry the possibility of jail time.

City police Staff Sgt. Ryan Jepson of the electronic surveillance unit said at the time the offence would not require a high degree of sophistication.

Police have alleged the youth used phishing emails and false credentials to gain access to “personal and corporate information.”

Read more on Calgary Herald.

So maybe it’s time to stop focusing on the teen and ask some harder questions about CBE’s infosecurity?

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