CA: Chapman University students’ personal information leaked

Shan Li reports:

A document containing sensitive information on 13,000 students of Chapman University and its affiliate, Brandman University, was accidentally accessible to students last week, the university said.

The electronic document — which contained the Social Security numbers, student identification numbers and financial aid information of approximately 11,000 current and former Chapman students, 1,900 applicants to the college, and a few students from Brandman University — was discovered by a Chapman student Feb. 15, Chapman spokeswoman Mary Platt said.

The student recognized the sensitive nature of the information and reported it to school officials, who launched a “very thorough” investigation, Platt said.

They discovered that the document had accidentally been placed in a nonsecure folder, but had only been accessed once — by the student who reported it, Platt said.

Read more in the L.A. Times.

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