May 052011

Will Jason reports that 20 boxes of documents with sensitive medical and financial information went flying off the back of truck owned by Baker Moving and Storage after it experienced a flat tire on Highway 101 near the Marin Civic Center while moving the records from one warehouse to another:

Baker, whose company is based in Tiburon, said he is still attempting to identify the spilled documents, but most if not all are from the San Rafael office of family lawyer Rodney Johnson.

Reached on Wednesday, Johnson said he has stored old files with Baker for years, and was not aware his documents were in transit to a new warehouse. He learned of the spill Saturday, when his son spotted a canceled check with his name on a television news broadcast, he said.

“I was very upset because I didn’t know why they were transporting boxes of files,” he said.

Johnson said he is waiting for Baker’s company to identify which boxes were spilled so he can determine which records might have been compromised and so he can notify clients. As a family lawyer he is most concerned about financial records, he said.

“There is sensitive information in some of these files,” he said. “I try not to include Social Security numbers but there are some documents in the court that require them.”

Many of the stored documents date to the 1980s and early 1990s, prior to new rules limiting the use of sensitive information, Johnson noted.

The presence of medical records is more surprising, Johnson said.


The legal repercussions of the spill are unclear.

Read more in the Marin Independent Journal.

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