CA: Credit card fraud hits Glenn County departments

One of the many problems with large incidents like the Heartland Payment Systems breach is that you wonder whether every bank or CU breach being reported is linked….

Barbara Arrigoni reports:

A bank under contract with Glenn County has alerted officials of allegedly fraudulent charges to county credit cards.

As of late Friday, the Finance Department listed 14 cards affected for a total of $44,073.

All county credit cards have been canceled and will be reissued with new numbers. Account clerk supervisor Susan Storz said it will take at least a week for new cards to be issued.

The amounts varied. Sheriff’s Lt. Phil Revolinsky said the bank caught one for $3,917 but declined it because it was over the daily limit. The same allegedly fraudulent user tried again at $1,975 and was again declined.

Revolinsky was told the charges were probably made online and appear to have been from other states. Some of the charges were from businesses in Wisconsin, Nevada and Alabama, he said.


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