CA: Data breach may have exposed personal information of 3,000 Girl Scouts of Orange County

Children’s medical alerts and health conditions may be breached in so many ways outside of the healthcare sector. Schools, sports clubs, camps, and yes, boy scouts and girl scouts, are just some of the organizations that may hold sensitive information that gets breached, with no report needed to HHS.

Alejandra Reyes-Velarde reports:

Members of the Girl Scouts of Orange County were notified this week that their personal information may have been exposed to an unknown party who gained access to an organization email account last month, according to a letter sent to members.

The organization sent the letter Tuesday to 3,000 members who may have been affected by the data breach.

Christina Salcido, vice president of mission operations, said members’ names, birth dates, home addresses, insurance policy numbers and health history information could have been accessed from Sept. 30 to Oct. 1.

Read more on Los Angeles Times.  The full notification submitted to the California Attorney General’s Office appears below.


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