Ca: Data breach turns into MLA laugh-fest

Les Leyne writes:

Lovely to see how the latest data-privacy breach moved from a dramatic crisis to light entertainment in the space of a week.

The news that the Education Ministry had misplaced a data drive packed with sensitive information about school kids was treated like an Amber Alert when the government ’fessed up to its disappearance last week. There was a serious press conference with sobering details about how hard everyone looked for the thing. Reassurances were issued about how seriously the government takes protection of privacy. Important officials announced major expensive investigations. It was a bit like when Amelia Earhart’s plane went missing.

The impression left was that hell will most certainly be paid.

As all the belated barn-door-locking got underway, the legislature resumed sitting. The passage of a week, and the absence so far of any victims, seems to have encouraged everyone to relax a bit. Because in a half-hour of debate about the scandal, MLAs milked it for more laughs than a night at Yuk Yuks.

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So here, we put people on the hot seat in front of Congress, but then do nothing, while in Canada, they share some yucks and then do nothing? Big difference.

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