Ca: Debit card fraud uncovered in Langley

On January 20 Langley RCMP received information from financial institution corporate security personnel detailing a debit card skimming which had occurred in north Langley.

Corporate security advised he had attended the business in North Langley and examined the PIN pad which he found had been tampered with and contained suspect circuitry.

Langley RCMP attended the business and seized the PIN pad as well as surveillance video. The PIN pad will be examined by Forensic Identification Section. Currently, Langley RCMP is reviewing surveillance footage.

The skimming took place throughout most of December and January. Once Corporate Security recognized the skimming had occurred, the impacted financial institutions were advised and they immediately cancelled the affected debit cards, contact the owners to attend, check the transactions on their accounts, and obtain new cards.


On January 21 Vancouver Police Department members arrested six individuals who were observed making multiple ATM withdrawals. Nearly 200 counterfeit debit cards and in excess of $20,000 were seized from the individuals. Police are not releasing names of those arrested pending charge approval by Crown Counsel.


Comment: out of curiosity, I looked at a map, but Langley and Stratford are in different provinces. Seems like Canada is having its own rash of skimming problems.

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