Ca: Debit scam victims now in the ‘hundreds’

This incident keeps growing and growing…..

Joe Belanger reports:

Police now confirm there are “hundreds” of victims in a debit card scam in Stratford.

Although police said every financial institution was hit, they’ve confirmed there were more than 350 victims at just two banks.

“We’re just starting to extrapolate the data, but it’s obviously in the hundreds,” said Det. Inspector Sam Theocharis.

Asked how much money the culprits have scammed, Theocharis said: “Who knows? We can’t say for sure just yet, but it’s well over $100,000. Right now, I can say there’s no bank that hasn’t been affected.”

Police are working with the Interact Canada, the Canadian Bankers Association, and security branches of the various banks to try and gauge the breadth of the scam, which was discovered last weekend as Stratford residents began seeing money disappear from accounts and debit cards were disabled.

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