Ca: Detour Gold Corporation hacked

It looks like Detour Gold Corporation  (TSX: DGC) was massively hacked.

In a paste by “Angel_of_Truth,” the hackers explain their motivation in both Russian and then English:

This attack on a Canadian company is retribution for Canada’s sanctions on Russia,
And the ongoing efforts to undermine Russia by the West.
Below is some of the data that was stolen out of Detour Golds (DGC:TSX) computer network,
Detour Golds entire computer network was under Russian control for over 2 years.
We have decided to release some of the hacked data with more to come in the near future, todays post includes:
Employee Data
Radio Data
Incident Reports & Gold Shipments
Supervisors Personal Data

These attacks will continue until Canada stops being a slave for the United States

And yes, they dumped a lot of data, including disciplinary reports on named employees, medical complaints, and other personal information. Because personal data is involved, is not linking to the data dump or providing examples. attempted to contact Detour Gold to ensure that they are aware of the hack and that personal and corporate data have been exposed.

After 20 minutes of not being able to reach anyone through their web site information for contacts and wondering whether their Media contact would even see my email before tomorrow, I finally smacked myself in the head and consulted the hacked data to get a name and phone number to call.

So yes, if they didn’t know before, at least one executive now knows and will be forwarding an email with details to their IT security.

Update: Their IT Security Department called me to tell me they received my message and are looking into it.

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