Ca: Elections binders lost with voters names, addresses

The lost voter registration binder reported by Elections Alberta was not the only binder lost, it seems. Trish Audette provides the update:

Personal information about 453 eligible voters in Edmonton-Strathcona has been lost after an Elections Alberta enumerator misplaced a binder containing the residents’ names and addresses.

“She left it on the front porch … at an unidentified house,” Elections Alberta spokesman Drew Westwater said, adding the enumerator was not sure where along her route she had left the binder. “We went and searched and investigated and went door-to-door in the neighbourhood and couldn’t track it down. It’s missing.”

Elections Alberta said Monday that three of about 6,300 enumerations binders were lost after the province carried out an Alberta-wide blitz to register voters ahead of the next election.

Enumerators in the northern constituency of Lesser Slave Lake and the new constituency of Calgary-Greenway also lost binders. Altogether, the three binders contained 534 residential addresses. The Edmonton-Strathcona binder contained information about 249 residential addresses, with names and addresses of 453 electors who may have also shared their phone numbers and dates of birth with the enumerator.

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