CA: Former employees of bankrupt aluminum plant put at risk when their records left behind for scavengers

Going bankrupt must suck, but screwing your former employees by putting them at risk of ID theft is just not an okay way to handle bankruptcy.

J.N. Sbranti reports:

It was a filthy job, but 40 workers spent Tuesday picking up papers — including confidential employee records — that had been blowing around an abandoned north Modesto industrial complex.

Crews from Stanislaus County’s jail alternative work program filled four giant Dumpsters with paperwork and assorted trash left at the defunct Indalex aluminum plant.


Scavengers have been stripping the plant for months and apparently ripped apart containers full of employee records. The county will dispose of the sensitive personnel files.

Mixed in with all those files were personal documents, including Social Security numbers, medical records and sensitive employment information.


Many people want to find someone to hold liable for the Indalex mess. Stanislaus County officials have been trying to figure out who is legally responsible for the building. So far, no one admits to owning the nine-acre facility, which is on North Star Way.

Indalex closed the plant in 2008 and it went bankrupt in 2009. A bankruptcy court allowed the company to officially abandon the Modesto plant last year.

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