Ca: Grey Eagle Resort & Casino hacked; hackers threaten to dump sensitive employee and customer info

From the this-looks-like-it-is-going-to-get-ugly-really-quickly dept.:

There was a somewhat ominous message posted on Pastebin on January 24:

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino has been hacked
hundreds of gigabytes of data has been stolen and will be released in several data dumps

data includes

customer gambling habits and gambling debt
customer information names, DOB, phone numbers, Email, SIN
customer investigation reports and security incidents
employee DOB, SIN, phone numbers, Email
employee termination letters
employee offer letters
employee incident reports
casino revenues and profits
casino budgets and marketing strategies
emails for the last 6 months.

and much more


The paste by an unknown “Guest” linked to some sample data allegedly from the casino and promised “full data dumps coming soon”.

Data dumped by unknown hacker(s) included personal and financial employee information. Redacted by This is just one file in the sample data. 

No reason was given for the hack.

No reason was giving for dumping any data.

So far, there’s been no one taking credit for the hack on Twitter that this blogger can see. reached out to Grey Eagle via their on-site contact form and to their Twitter team via on the 24th. Getting no response at all, despite the fact that their Twitter team was online and tweeting, this site sent a second DM. Still no response.

But now Grey Eagle has apparently confirmed to Global News that they were hacked, although they say only one computer was accessed.

This post will be updated if there are further developments.

Great thanks to the reader who called the paste to my attention.

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