Ca: Hacking attempt made at Vernon doctor’s office

The Vernon Morning Star reports an attempted ransomware attack on the office of Dr. Larrie Mandreck.

[The office] was alerted on Sept. 24 to a remote hacking attempt during which unauthorized access was briefly obtained to the local computer system.

Information that is contained in the patient files could include, name, date of birth, email address, home address, telephone number, the name of employers, as well as notes in relation to the treatment offered at Dr. Mandreck’s office.

“There is no indication this was a hack for information and no indication patients’ records were actually accessed,” said Mandreck’s office in a release.

“The attack appears to have been focused on encrypting system files for ransom, and a review of Dr. Mandreck’s network traffic discloses no large-scale download of information consistent with the uploading of patient records.”

Read more on Vernon Morning Star. It’s not clear to me from the report whether the ransomware failed to encrypt the files or succeeded, and if the latter, how Dr. Mandreck was able to restore access to the files.

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