Ca: Hard drive containing military and personal information found

Natasha Pace reports that a hard drive found nearly one year ago at a recycling depot is believed to belong to the Canadian military. The drive sat in a man’s closet until he went to use it recently and discovered what was on it.

“I ran a recovery software and I basically saw some files that, basically, should have been deleted from the previous owner.”

The hard drive contains hundreds, if not thousands of pages of information. According to Stevens, he was able to locate encrypted emails, training manuals and blueprints within minutes of searching the drive.

“I think the biggest thing I was concerned with was actual lists with names on them, and even some security clearance applications that specified who a person was, and who their relatives were and friends, a lot of information that they obviously have to ask for security clearance. But it’s also a lot of information if it goes missing, for someone to have,” Stevens said.

Read more on Global News.

So what happened? Was drive insecurely wiped or not wiped at all? How did this wind up at a recycling depot?  Is it really a drive from the military, and if so, was this their doing or was it stolen or…?

The military has some ‘splaining to do once they recover the drive from its finder.

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