Ca: Health fax mistakes create a headache for pharmacies

Elizabeth McMillan and Paul Bickford report:

The NWT health care system is back in the business of sending faxes, although under new conditions to tighten up security.

Daryl Dolynny, president of the NWT Pharmaceutical Association, says the Department of Health and Social Services should have given pharmacists a heads up before putting a hold on faxing all health records, including prescriptions. – Elizabeth McMillan/NNSL photo

On July 6, the Department of Health and Social Services temporarily stopped the faxing of all health records after several instances of records being faxed to the wrong place.

However, the suspension gradually eased throughout the week, and was affirmed to be over during an internal conference call on July 9 between the department and CEOs of the regional health authorities throughout the NWT.

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