Ca: Hospital apologizes for data breach

Karen McKinley reports:

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has confirmed a privacy breach involving diagnostic images, but are providing few details as to who was involved.

Hospital CEO Andree Robichaud and chief of staff Dr. Gordon Porter said Monday that the MRI scans of about 500 people were shared with a physician outside the hospital who did not have hospital privileges.

“We take the privacy of our patients seriously and we deeply apologize for what happened,” Porter said during a news conference.

“My job is to ensure the quality and safety of all patients that come to this hospital, so I take this very seriously,” he said.

He said this is the first time in the hospital’s history that there has been a privacy breach.

Read more on The Chronicle Journal.

In August 2010, the hospital was reportedly being investigated by the province‘s privacy commissioner after copies of medical records containing patient information turned up on city streets, but I never found any follow-up to that.

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