Ca: Huron University College data exposure

The University of Western Ontario has posted a notice on its site:

Huron University College is seeking assistance in reaching former students, former applicants to Huron, or former residents in Huron’s dormitories whose personal information may have been accessed during a computer server security breach.

Huron is an independent, self-governing institution affiliated with The University of Western Ontario.

Huron officials were recently notified that an investigation by IT specialists into an unrelated server problem revealed an unauthorized installation of software that could allow access to data. The software was removed immediately and all necessary steps were taken to secure the server.

A thorough investigation has not disclosed any evidence that the information on the server was compromised. All the evidence from the investigation suggests that the program was not installed for the purpose of obtaining personal information, and the investigation has not disclosed any evidence to suggest that the program was in fact used to access personal information.

“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and distress that may be caused by this attack on our server,” says Huron Principal Ramona Lumpkin. “We are taking every action possible to ensure that all information is fully protected and that this never happens again.”

Because the possibility of access to data cannot be ruled out entirely, however, Huron officials wish to inform former students and applicants of this breach. Data residing on the server included in some cases SIN numbers as well as names and dates of birth.

Information for approximately 25,000 individuals was contained on the server, including students who stayed in residence from 1999 to the present; applicants to the College from 1992-2008; and registered Huron students from 2004 to the present.

Anyone who is concerned or has reason to believe that his or her information may have been accessed as a result of this incident should phone 1-866-953-7745 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday to speak with a Huron representative.

After March 31, the number to phone will be 519-438-7224, ext. 245. Individuals may also visit the Huron University College website for further information about steps that can be taken to ensure that there has been no illegal activity associated with their personal information.

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