Ca: ‘I have her stuff. Who has mine?’

Candice Mac Lean reports:

When Vicki Hill opened a large, brown envelope stuffed with financial documents last week, she expected it was the student loan information she requested from CIBC weeks earlier.

Vicki Hill ended up getting someone else’s documents containing personal financial information, but some of her documents she requested weren’t delivered.

Instead, among the papers she found a handful of pages containing the personal information of a woman she has never met. It included the woman’s name, signature card, birth certificate, social insurance number, bank account number, records of purchases, deposits, payroll withdrawals and more.


Hill said the envelope wasn’t marked with a return address, but some the documents were stamped with a CIBC logo. Others were from Collectcorp Inc., a collections agency Hill said provides services for the bank’s student loans division.

When contacted, Collectcorp Inc. refused to comment on the issue.

CIBC spokesman Rob McLeod would not confirm the bank’s relationship with Collectcorp Inc., saying “the information was provided to our client by a third-party agency that provides services to CIBC.”

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