Ca: Investigation wraps up into security breach

As a follow-up to a breach previously mentioned here, the MyKawartha web site reports:

More than 25,000 documents were left behind at the former St. Joseph’s hospital due to a miscommunication, says Jonathan Bennett, chief communications officer at the hospital.

Now that the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has reviewed the hospital’s investigation into the incident and is satisfied with it, Mr. Bennett says the case is closed.

“Our existing policy hadn’t been followed properly,” he says.

The hospital became aware of the documents on Aug. 4, which were left behind when two former hospitals were consolidated into the current hospital, and were discovered by a contractor. The building was sold last year.

Mr. Bennett says there is no evidence that anyone snooped through the files and he says no disciplinary action is being taken.

I’m not sure how you’d know for sure that no one snooped through any files, but they’re probably right, and it sounds like a near-miss that’s a good reminder about the need to walk-through and check to make sure that all records have been removed before moving or selling furnishings, etc.

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