Ca: Laptop theft from McKesson Automation employee's car puts Parkwood Hospital patient data at risk

CTV reports:

The personal information of more than 2,000 patients at Parkwood Hospital could be in the wrong hands after a laptop was stolen.


Ruth Bullas is the privacy and risk officer at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, which operates Parkwood.

She says the problem lies with McKesson Automation, the company in charge of the software used to dispense some patient medications.

“In total there were 2,216 patients that were affected by this. What we have done is, we’ve worked, like I said, with McKesson to make sure that they’ve changed some of their processes. So they have encrypted all of their laptops.”

St. Joseph’s says the laptop containing the sensitive information was stolen from the back of the vehicle of a McKesson employee in August, however they didn’t report the theft to Parkwood Hospital until September.

The laptop contained information like the patient’s name, room number, hospital card number and some prescription data.

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