Ca: Medical records found on Chilliwack street

Tyler Olsen reports:

Fraser Health is promising an investigation and review of privacy policies at Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) after internal records bearing the names of patients ended up on a Chilliwack road.

In late September, a resident of Tamihi Way found three pieces of paper from CGH on a street in the Garrison Crossing area soon after garbage pickup.

The papers comprised an entire “Team Report” on a 29-bed section of CGH. Included in the report were the names, ages, admission dates, attending physician and diagnoses for 27 different patients, along with hand-scrawled notes.

The diagnoses range from Parkinson’s and pancreatitis to lumbar pain and metastatic breast cancer. One patient’s diagnosis is listed as “Failure to cope (can’t pee).” Another person is listed as having had a colonoscopy.

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