Ca: More data dumped from Detour Gold

I had told Detour Gold to keep an eye out for future data dumps when I spoke with them weeks ago to notify them that they had been hacked, and I wasn’t surprised to receive an email last night from someone pointing me to a new data dump.

The data dump includes personal information on employees as well as login credentials, corporate information and server information. As is this site’s policy, I’m not linking to the data dump because of the personal information involved.

Of additional concern, the hackers claimed that they still have access:

Detour Gold has still failed to protect its data and the data of its customers and employees, even after releasing a data dump of sensitive corporate material we still maintain access to Detour Gold’s computer network and all the data contained within.

Much of the data dumped last night could have been part of the original hack, as I’m not really seeing anything dated after the last dump. sent a courtesy notification to Detour Gold’s IT Manager this morning to alert them, as the paste was still up when I checked. I just received a reply from him that they were already aware of the new data dump and were working to get it removed.  He noted that “It’s pretty much the same data that was dumped before plus a few new pictures.”

In response to my inquiry about the hackers’ claims that they still had full access, he replied, “We are monitoring our network perimeters with the monitoring tools we have and we don’t see any suspecious activities.”

According to the IT Manager, Detour Gold had notified everyone whose personal information was exposed in the last data dump, and had notified the Privacy Commissioner, involved the Canadian Incident Response Center, and were also working with several security advisors to resolve the issue.

So that’s where things stand right now. If the hackers have any proof that they still have access that they can send me, I’ll try to follow up.


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