CA: OB/GYN accused of patient ID theft for drugs

As a follow-up to a case previously mentioned on this site, Michelle Tuzee reports on the case of Dr. Lisa Michelle Barden, a physician who was arrested in January for stealing patients’ identities to support her drug habit.

Barden is charged with 276 felonies, including identity theft, forgery, burglary and possession of controlled substances.

Court documents allege that Barden stole the identities of 15 patients. She also allegedly stole prescription pads from five doctors she worked with and then forged their signatures to get the painkillers.


Investigators trailed the Riverside County mom for 14 months. In that time, they say Barden used those stolen patient identities and prescriptions to fraudulently obtain Vicodin or hydrocodone at 43 different pharmacies on 131 separate occasions.

Read more on KABC.

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