Ca: Oshawa reports privacy breach affecting 18 taxpayers

Reka Szekely reports:

Property tax letters for 18 Oshawa residents may have been inadvertently sent to the wrong address, City of Oshawa staff say.

The City reported a privacy breach surrounding the pre-authorized tax payment plan letters that were mailed out on Dec. 1.

Jason McWilliam is the manager, records information systems for the City. He explains the City sent out nearly 13,000 letters and staff realized there was a discrepancy between the number of letters printed and the number that were mailed out.

Staff believe a worn component on a folding and inserting machine may have resulted in some envelopes containing more than one letter.


This is the second breach reported by the city this year. The first, disclosed in May, involved the leak of information due to an e-mail error that put info in the “cc:” line  instead of the “bcc” field.

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