CA: Patient records accessed after county clinic burglary

Tomoya Shimura reports:

Medical records at the Westside Park Elementary School Based Health Center may have been accessed when the county clinic was burglarized, San Bernardino County officials said Tuesday.

Staff at the clinic in the 18200 block of Casaba Road discovered the burglary on Oct. 1. In addition to damages to the building, office equipment and filing cabinets, a locked room storing the clinic’s medical records was broken into. Police responded to the scene and filed a report.

Medical records contain patient names, telephone numbers, addresses, Social Security numbers, birth dates, health conditions, medications and other health information.

None of the 1,370 paper records appeared to have been stolen, according to Ken Johnston, division chief of the program integrity and development at the Department of Public Health. While items such as a television were stolen, it doesn’t seem like the burglars were interested in obtaining medical records, he said.

No computer equipment containing private information was accessed or stolen, according to the county.

Read more on Daily Press.  There’s a security issue here, obviously, but it’s not clear that there really was any breach of patient records. Did the burglars look at even a single patient record? We’ll have to wait to find out more, I guess.

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