CA: Personal Info On 1,000s Of Kaiser Employees Stolen

CBS reports:

Thousands of northern California Kaiser employees are being notified that their personal information including social security numbers was stolen from the company.

Kaiser has set-up a Employee Security Support Line for the 29,500 employees whose information was stolen to handle the situation. A recorded message on the line says that the stolen information was found in the possession of a criminal who has since been arrested. The information included employee names, social security numbers and birthdates. And that so far, only a ‘few employees had been impacted’.

Kaiser says it is working with law enforcement to discover how their computer system was breached. But it does not say when the information was actually stolen or recovered.


This is Kaiser’s second known breach in the past six months. In August, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Mid-Atlantic States notified (pdf) the Virginia Attorney General’s Office that an employee had stolen and misused patient information from patients at the Kaiser Permanente Falls Church Medical Center. Kaiser notified 5,200 members in that breach, which was never reported in the media. In the most recent incident, no patient data was reportedly involved.

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