Ca: Privacy breach at city hall

Andrew Peplowski reports:

Montreal police say officers had good intentions when they required city hall visitors to provide their names, dates-of-birth and driver’s license numbers on Tuesday evening.

But they never should have left the sheets of paper, with all that information, behind at the end of the evening.

A reporter from the Journal de Montreal found the papers on a desk used by police officers as he was walking out of the building that night.

Read more on CJAD.

“Good intentions,” be damned. What right does a police officer have to demand people provide personal information to access their own city hall? There’s a bigger story here, I think, over and above the data breach.  If city hall needs greater security, that’s a matter for the city to explore – not individual police officers.

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  1. Anonymous - November 27, 2014

    It also may go to show that people likely just don’t know they may have a right to refuse giving such information.

    And, chances are if someone did refuse they would be refused admittance.

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