CA: Privacy breaches in Stanford file system affect 200 people

Fangzhou Liu, Hannah Knowles and Ada Statler report on a breach that has nightmarish qualities to it:  very sensitive information exposed, but you can’t figure out for how long and you can’t determine who, if anyone, accessed it? Ugh…..

Stanford is in the process of notifying some 200 people — a mix of employees and former students — that their privacy may have been breached due to incorrect settings in one of the University’s file-sharing systems.

Until this week, files including sexual violence records based on counseling sessions, confidential University statistics and emails to the Office of Judicial Affairs — some with names and email addresses attached — were left broadly available on an internet server that students, faculty and staff from over 50 institutions regularly use. Any Stanford faculty, student or staff member with a SUNet ID was able to access the sensitive files; The Daily also found that an MIT student username and password were able to grant access.

Read more on the Stanford Daily.

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