CA: Repeat ID thief sentenced to 7 years in prison

So how’s your physical security?

Tracey Kaplan reports:

Clad in the classic khakis and polo shirt worn by engineers across Silicon Valley, the 42-year-old transient blended in so well with tech workers that he was able to slip through the door of nine local companies and steal employees’ wallets.

Doanh Dinh Tran, 42, would then rush to Apple or Target, and quickly charge laptops and iPads on the victims’ credit cards before they had time to cancel them, Santa Clara prosecutor Jennifer Deng said Thursday. Over a four-month period ending in August, he was able to steal more than $10,000, she said.


Tran’s criminal record also was a factor in his sentence. He had done two stints in prison for the same crime, Deng said. She didn’t know if he targeted any of the same companies, she said.

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