Ca: Reported Privacy Breach Involving Human Rights Commission

VOCM reports:

There are reports of another privacy breach, this time involving the Human Rights Commission, a division of the provincial Department of Justice.  A man in Central Newfoundland says he received a package by registered mail, but instead of the information he was expecting to receive, he got a package intended for another person. He told VOCM Backtalk with Pete Soucy that the information was of a very personal nature.

He says there’s enough information contained in it that he could ruin her life. He says he tried to reach the Human Rights Commission and other government offices, to inform them of the mistake, but with no luck.


It’s not clear why the individual wouldn’t be able to reach the HRC. They have a phone number, an email address, and a Twitter account. It does not sound like VOCM tried to reach them, either.

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