Ca: Rexall hands out patient’s confidential health records to wrong person

CityNews reports:

When Maureen Pittman picked up her prescription from a Mississauga Rexall, she didn’t expect to be bringing home another patient’s entire confidential medication history.


[… The 6-page] medication history contains the patient’s name, address, phone number, Ontario Health Insurance number, what medications were prescribed and what they are generally used for. Once Pittman realized the error, she called the Dixie and Dundas area pharmacy.

Their alleged lack of prompt and suitably concerned response upset her. And rightfully so.

Read more on CityNews.

And this, kids, is why sometimes people bring these stories to the media. If you can’t be reached easily to report a breach, or you don’t respond promptly, people are more like to seek media attention. There’s probably a lesson to be learned in there.

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