Ca: Shredding company denies responsibility for incident involving Grand Villa Casino cards

Aaron Hinks reports an update to an incident that does not appear to have been covered on this blog. So why am I including the update? Well, partly because it sounds like something did happen that left personal information unshredded, but also because it sounds like the earlier reporting may have impugned a firm’s reputation and led to loss of business, and the shredding firm is coming back to insist that this wasn’t their fault, etc.

The CEO of ShredWise, the company that came under fire after allegations were made it left sensitive documents exposed to the public, says he has evidence that the allegations are false.

“The allegations that we store unshredded documents in bins at our truck site are simply untrue and I can tell you that in the past week, we’ve since uncovered clear evidence that supports what we’ve maintained all along – that our procedures were deliberately contravened in this instance,” ShredWise CEO Tino Fluckiger wrote to Peace Arch News.

Read more on Eagle Valley News.

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