Ca: Simcoe nurse suspended by College of Nurses over privacy breach at Norfolk General Hospital

Monte Sonnenberg has a follow-up to a breach I commented on back in 2013:

A Simcoe nurse fired from Norfolk General Hospital for inappropriately looking at medical records says she has been made “a scapegoat” for deficient management practices by her former employer.

Nancy Oliveira said she did nothing that other nurses at NGH were not doing and that she did not know that she had violated any policy until the disciplinary process began. Oliveira added she never spoke of anyone’s medical records outside the hospital to non-hospital personnel.


NGH fired Oliveira in March, 2013, after someone in the community complained that others seemed to know details of their medical history. NGH concluded that Oliveira inappropriately looked at the medical records of 1,300 patients during her 12 years at the hospital. An arbitrator recently refused Oliveira’s application for re-instatement.

On Monday, the Ontario College of Nurses’ discipline committee concluded that Oliveira “committed professional misconduct in that she contravened the standards of practice of the profession and engaged in dishonourable and unprofessional conduct by accessing the personal health information of approximately 1,300 patients without consent or authorization between 2004 and 2013.”

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