CA: State Assembly computer system breached

Associated Press reports:

More than 50 employees of the state Assembly — including some lawmakers — have been warned that their personal information might have been obtained by a computer hacker.

Legislative Counsel Diane Boyer-Vine, whose office oversees the Legislative Data Center, would not say how many lawmakers were affected.

She said Friday that officials found one of their servers had been breached while technicians investigated a computer problem that shut down the state Capitol’s Internet service on Aug. 22.

That particular server held information for more than 50 people who participate in a flexible-benefits program. Boyer-Vine says no information was downloaded and there have been no reports of identity thefts.

She says the server was hacked with the apparent goal of overloading the Capitol’s Internet service.

I haven’t found any additional coverage on this incident that would shed light on the incident, and there’s something puzzling about this report.

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