Ca: Website hack exposed Prairie Mountain Health  patients’ personal, medical info

The Brandon Sun reports:

Personal and medical information of more than 1,000 Prairie Mountain Health patients are at risk after an internal website was hacked.

The regional health authority, in a statement Friday, said they do not believe the intent of the hack was to access personal information, but conceded they cannot exclude the possibility that identifiable personal details were viewed or copied.

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Now you shouldn’t need a subscription to a news outlet to find out about a breach involving your information, right? So I went to Prairie Mountain Health’s site to find a breach disclosure or notice, but NOTHING was mentioned on their site.

C’mon folks: if you can send a press release to your local media, you can post a copy of the damned statement on your web site. In fact, you should be posting something on your web site and notifying patients even before you notify media.

So I tweeted an inquiry to their Twitter team asking where the notification is. If I find out more, I’ll update this.

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