Ca: Woman awaits landmark ruling on sperm-donor identities

Petti Fong reports:

For all of her life, Olivia Pratten has known only the barest details about her biological father.

Born in 1981 after her mother visited a fertility specialist in Vancouver, she has been told only that her father is Caucasian and was a medical student at the time of donation. Genetically, all she knows is he has a stocky build, brown hair, blue eyes and type “A” blood.

Now, after years of trying to find out the identity of the donor whose sperm used to conceive her, Pratten is waiting to hear a landmark B.C. Supreme Court decision that may overturn the position that donors can remain anonymous.


In British Columbia, sperm donor records need only be preserved for six years and can then be shredded or incinerated. It is unclear if Pratten’s records have been destroyed.

If the B.C. Supreme Court rules against anonymity rights for donors, it would be the first ruling of its kind in North America.

Read more in the Toronto Star.

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