Caffitaly impacted by cyberattack on a supplier

Communicaffe reports (translation):

MILAN – A cyber attack by hackers targeted the logistics of the capsules of one of the most important Italian and international manufacturers. This is the Caffitaly of Gaggio Montano (Bologna) on the Bolognese Apennines. So in recent days there has been a shortage of Caffitaly capsules. The reason is obvious: there were logistical problems in the deliveries suffered by the company from Gaggio Montano coinciding with the transfer of the warehouses from the headquarters on the Apennines to the new hub in the center of the Po Valley in Capriate in the province of Bergamo. Added to this was a large-scale cyber attack against one of the group’s suppliers. Which, out of prudence, convinced the company that was founded by Giovanni Zaccanti and Sergio Zappella to suspend some activities, thus slowing down distribution in a cascade

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h/t, @Chum1ng0 for finding this and to @amvinfe for helping me understand what I was reading. 

Comment: Okay, let’s be clear:  any threat actors who attack any medical facility should fry in Hell.  And any threat actors who attack coffee-related enterprises or the coffee supply chain should have to rot in jail drinking weak tea.

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