(Police Credit Union) hacked and defaced by Anonymous for #OpQueBec

content/images/gallery/eca/3xp1r3-cyber-army.png A police credit union website, has ended up a victim to anonymous hacktivist who have left it with a new index page that displays the following message (translated from french) and video..

I remember a social movement as there are many others. I remember the childish reaction of a useless government. Fundamental rights of a dismissed out of hand. Men, Women, minimize your attack, are being terrorized by your threats, do not care, support you and others who understand. It’s now or never … You went so far in your shame … There are always people who do not learn the lessons of time and history. This is not the case of anonymous. I remember, your attacks against the press … Your dogs do not deserve in any way as the police, the agents of disorder that attacks the cameras. I remember your little party, where the people were not invited. I remember these cars that paraded as much as political arrests. Terrorist government of Quebec, I remember. Soon, I will remember, the people who Quebecquois could have imagined … Far … this key moment in the story could go. I will remember the people regaining their freedom, Ignoring abrutissements and those shots you use. I remember the newspapers finally free to speak without fear of corruption update. I will remember your defeat, because it is promised and unavoidable. I remember the trial: Anonymous to protect the people, The people only judge and master of its destiny and an entire government for acknowledgment.

Defacement translated to english: content/images/gallery/eca/3xp1r3-cyber-army.png At time of publishing the website was still defaced and there was no signs of the sites admin acknowledging this on their facebook or twitter pages.

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