California College of the Arts notifies people of stolen laptop

So I read the first sentence of the description of an incident reported by California College of the Arts, and wanted to just walk away:

On Friday January 19, 2018, a College laptop used by an employee was stolen out of the employee’s vehicle.

Why? WHY? WHY is this still happening?

But I made myself keep reading to see what kinds of data might be involved, and found:

The investigation has determined that files on the laptop may have contained some combination of an individual’s name, Social Security number, date of birth, subscriber member number and/or health insurance information.

But then I read their template notification to those affected, and it said:

What Information Was Involved? The investigation has determined that the following information related to you may have been on the laptop: name, Social Security number. We will be notifying all impacted individuals separately, so if your spouse and/or dependent are impacted, they will receive a separate letter of notification.

No mention of all of the other data fields? Hopefully, that was not sent to everyone if indeed, there were other data types involved for some of those affected.

The letter indicates that 2,581 California residents will be receiving notification letters, but it does not indicate how many non-residents may also be receiving letters.

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