CalPERS CEO gives update on data hack that exposed Social Security numbers, birth dates

Maya Miller reports an update by California Public Employee and Retirement System on the MOVEit breach by their vendor, PBI Research/Berwyn Group:

In the Monday update, Frost said CalPERS has received nearly 4,000 calls about the breach at its own customer contact center. The average wait time is one minute, she said. Retirees can also send in questions to the email address [email protected], which Frost said is monitored by CalPERS managerial staff. The average wait time for an email response is less than 24 hours, she said.

The pension fund also established a special call center with Experian, which has fielded nearly 34,000 calls. Callers were experiencing “alarming” wait times, Frost said, so last weekend the call center added 50 more representatives to help bring wait times back down to one to two minutes.

So far, about 122,000 CalPERS retirees have signed up for two years of free credit monitoring and identity restoration services through Experian. Frost said this represents a higher-than-expected response, according to Experian, when compared to other companies that it’s worked with following data breaches. (Frost noted that these companies were largely private employers, rather than public pension funds.)

Not everyone is happy with the way the board is handling incident response, however.

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