Cam4Bucks Hacked, Source Leaked By @lulz_much_lulz

A hacker using the twitter handle @lulz_much_lulz has just announced a leak of source code that belongs to a well known cams website. The website cam4bucks allows people to sign up and start their own cam shows with the chance of earning money from it. @lulz_much_lulz has announce that a 77mb compressed file that has been uploaded to anonfiles is the source code for the sites system and as well as that they claim that once they hit 1000 twitter followers they will release the complete database which is said to be 1.2gb.

Anoymous – BR ‏@lulz_much_lulz  hacked, source Exposed [70MB] #OpPedo →  Will release 1.2GB of DB when 1k followers@Cyber_War_News

The leaked source can be found on anonfiles and when uncompressed totals over 130mb and contains a load of php and related files that make up the cam4bucks website.

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