Cambodian Government Sites Attacked for #OpTPB2

This week there has been a major turn in the fight against censorship with one of the worlds largest torrent sites being arrested and detained in Cambodia. As a result of this already hackers have started to attack Cambodian based government websites. So far there has been 2 leaks and the attacks so far have come from Nullcrew aka @OfficialNull and they have targeted the tax office ( , ministry of works and transport ( and the Institute of Standards of Cambodia ( in the first attack and in the second the Cambodian army have been targeted. The attacks have only resulted in very minor data being leaked but it does prove that the Cambodian government really needs to rethink their cyber security and they need to do this fast before something major happens.

Recently the co-founder of Piratebay was arrested in Cambodia, this seems like the megaupload case. As long as the government attempts to censor, then there will be more of this; what happened to "Freedom." It is angering, whenever they won’t allow us the slightest bit of freedom on the internet, taking all we care for. So that is why #OpTPB has come to be, they should have expected it when they did this. Cambodia, we will not stop until you come to your sences. And now, for the leaks!

part 1 part 2

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