Cambridge University Under attack for #OpFreeAssange

westminster-college Over the past few days previously hacked University, Cambridge has been a target for on going attacks that have ranged from database leaks, defacements and ddos attacks. The attacks which were started of by Null Crew have been joined by other hackers who have left the site with a new article after its jalooma based site was hacked. @Officialnull has been on a spree of different attacks over the past few weeks and most of them have been in the name of a operation dubbed OpFreeAssange has been aiming towards raising awareness about Julian Assange current situation. Over the past few days Null Crew have been taunting Cambridge via social media asking them why they have such bad security and leading hints that more data leaks may be on the way. > "I can read PHP source-code of multiple Cambridge subdomains. #NullCrew#OpFreeAssange" "Cambridge. You had the chance to avoid these attacks. But instead you act even more ignorant? Listen to our demands. Last chance.#NullCrew"

In one of the most recent leaks they also left the below message that came along with around 4k names and passwords but most passwords are listed as null.

We warned you Cambridge, and we gave you 24 hours to tweet and DM us. Apparently, it was too difficult to do so. So unfortunately for you, we are dumping more databases. Today we will only give up some data, to get the attention of Cambridge University. Keep in mind, you can take the subdomain offline, but we have all the data saved, so you’re screwed no matter what you do. If you don’t take our demands seriously this time, more data will be dumped. If you keep ignoring us, we will keep dumping. We are aware many of these accounts weren’t dumped along with the passwords. Because as we said before, we only want the attention of the University and Media. If the university still fails to cooperate, then we will have to dump more data.

After the data leak on the 16th another twitter user using the handle @Timoxeline announced that the site had been hacked again, this one appeared to be via the jalooma based site that is now currently offline.( Also it appears over the last 24hrs a number of other sites have come under attack by other hacktivist who have claimed to take down SOCA and the Attorney generals website.

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