CAMIMEX, Mexican Chamber of Mines Hacked And 700mb+ of data leaked by Anonymous

content/images/gallery/antisec12/antisec-anonmex-pastebin-com_.png Anonymous hackers have taken there sight to CAMIMEX, the mexican chamber of mines and as a result they have no leaked 700mb of data from the website which at time of publishing was displaying internal 500 errors. content/images/gallery/antisec12/antisec-anonmex-pastebin-com_.png These attacks come along side many others that have been taking place so far in 2012, which is starting to be true to the rumours that it was going to be a year of the hacker. The leaked data which was announced via twitter can be found on tor2web and the press release forr the leak can be found on content/images/gallery/antisec12/antisec-anonmex-pastebin-com_.png

************************************************************************************************* : Anonymous has encountered a deposit of e-mails from the mining hall of Mexico : WTFFFF ? : Did you mean camimex encountered a mineral deposit in Mexico? : no no no : the e-mail accounts of –camimex-, now are public ************************************************************************************************* Mean while you rob you own miners, we rob you e-mail accounts You don’t have any security measurements for our miner brothers, neither in your e-mails. -camimex- You only took out our minerals, exploiting our miner brothers. But today, some hackers put together their cocks over your face and we have under our control your website. E-mail accounts and your data base are gonna been public in no time 730MB in total of e-mail accounts and one of your data base ************************************************************************************************* Mexico, the miner companies and the miner sindicates are together only to steal our minerals With a avlue over $200,000,000 and forcing our miners to work in extreme danger conditions as the case of the leader Napoleon Gomez Urrutia who stole more than 55 million of dollars, which are for the mine security and this onducted to a tragedy as “Pasta de Conchos”, where ************************************************************************************************* The new apertura of the gold mines and silver in the ceremonial center “Wirikuta” in San Luis Potosi which the Canadian company in-charged “First Majestic Silver”, will put in risk the subsistency of the indigens who live there and the destruction of sacred sites and devastating the ambiental resources of the zone. The 22 permisions of “First Majestic Silver”, explain the activist, has been awarded by the Economy Minister without asking the indigen community, and regardless Wikiruta is a narutal habitat around of 140 thousand hectar, which are in protection since 1994 inclusive with a contigencu plan sice June 2008. ——————————————————————————- | The authorities are not only violating our diverse international contracts | | in ambiental protección theme, so is the Pact of the “Hauxa Manaka’a” | | signed by the president Felipe Calderon in April 28th of 2008 | ——————————————————————————-

Original: Tor2web

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