Canada: Calgary seniors' health information on stolen computers

Dozens of Calgary seniors are alarmed after learning their credit-card numbers, addresses and health-card numbers were stored on computers that were stolen recently.

The Academy Hearing Centre in Brentwood Mall, which provides hearing tests and equipment, mostly to seniors, recently mailed out letters warning of the theft.

“I got scared,” said one elderly female client who purchased a hearing aid from the company.

She requested that her name not be released because she is worried about her security.

The woman said the thieves nabbed her name, address, health information and Alberta health-care number.

“It’s the same thing, like somebody steals your social insurance number,” she said.

She added that she was unable to change her health-card number.

“I called up Edmonton, the health insurance centre, and she said you have to wait about six months. Just have to notify your doctor, the family doctor. So somebody might be using my number, so let’s hope it won’t happen.”

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