Canadian passengers from virus-stricken Zaandam cruise ship hit by federal gov’t privacy breach

Sophia Harris reports:

After enduring a cruise with a COVID-19 outbreak and four deaths, the 247 Canadian passengers who were aboard the Holland America Line ship, the MS Zaandam, face a new problem: a privacy breach by the federal government.


In a detailed email Global Affairs Canada sent Canadian passengers during the Easter holiday weekend, it explained that, “due to an administrative error,” it had mistakenly sent them an email on April 1 with an attachment containing personal information on each passenger — including their address, date of birth, email, phone number and passport number.


And how did the government propose to mitigate this one, you wonder?  They put the total burden on their victims, it seems — telling them to monitor their financial accounts, etc.  No offer of credit monitoring or offer to issue them a new passport with a different number. Nothing.

And people wonder why there are so many lawsuits?

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