Canadian Police Server Hacked, Lots of Personal Information Leaked By Anonymous

In what has been a huge week for cyber attacks yet another police department has been hit, this time its a Canadian one and the attack has been carried out by Anonymous hackers in the name of #opQuebec. The leak has been uploaded to pastehtml with the following message and it also contains 4 links to the actual information that was leaked and was announced via twitter with the following message and image by @SunkiAnonymous. ![]( “”)> #**Anonymous** hack la #**police** #**quebecoise** : || #**AbricotSec** – #**Opquebec**

poorly translated message:

In the natural order of things, the public forces are present to serve and protect the people, so why the Montreal police and Quebec decided to attack its own people for siding with criminals?The same ones who intentionnent remove a fundamental right which is considered one of the largest power-cons.Montreal police take back the true function of your post instead of your cowardly attack you like: the people.Anonymous said that any police officer is subject to a Code of Ethics, which requires some important principles that aims not only to provide and / or protect the interests of governments, but also of peoples.As a reminder:"3. This Code aims to ensure better protection of citizens by developing in policing high standards of service to the public and professional awareness of the rights and freedoms including those enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (RSQ, c. C-12).D. 920-90, a. Three. "Montreal police officer, your job requires you rights but also duties.THEN REMEMBER:"6. Police officers must avoid any form of abuse of authority in his dealings with the public.A police officer must not:1 ° to use greater force than necessary to accomplish what is required or permitted;2 ° to threats, intimidation or harassment;3 knowingly bring a charge against a person without justification;4 ° abusing his authority for a statement;5 ° hold, for questioning, a person who is not under arrest.D. 920-90, a. 6. "People of Quebec, get up and find your liberty.We will publish more data comprométantes later.-> VIEW FIRST LEAK THERE <–> SECOND VIEW LEAK THERE <–> VIEW THIRD LEAK THERE <–> VIEW PREVIEW SPVM LEAK THERE <-   BASE ARE BELONG YUR ALL TO U.S.!WE ARE THE Port: 6667 SSL Port: 6697 # & # OpQuebec AbricotSecMake the globalrevolution #: # pony

The four leaked data files are also uploaded to pastehtml adn contain a range of information such as usernames, names, emails, address and much more personal information. Part two and 3 contain server and records information as well as some details of transactions. – (

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