Canadian senator’s personal data leaked online in apparent Twitter hack

Rachel Gilmore and Mackenzie Gray report:

Conservative Senator Linda Frum’s Twitter account was hacked Sunday night, with those responsible sharing personal information including her drivers licence and using racial slurs in their Tweets.

“hi linda, can u drive us to the mall please?” read one Tweet.

The Tweet then shared an image of both the front and back of her drivers licence, showing personal information including her address.

Coverage by CTV showed a  screencap of a taunting tweet that said “Stolen by MF Spank Gang.” There followed mention of three Twitter accounts: @diss @drainedrichard and @692.

Screencap taken from CTV video.

All three of those accounts are still on Twitter as of the time of this posting, although the first two are “protected” accounts, meaning that only approved followers can see their tweets.


Thanks to “scsideath” for alerting me to this one.

Typo corrected post-publication to shut up a Twitter complainer. 🙂

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